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Here at Football Manager Mad I aim to bring you all the help and advice you will need for playing Football Manager 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and onwards. Whether you are just starting out in a new game, looking for advice on the best free transfer players (including shortlist downloads) or a bargain buy, help with putting together your tactics or training schedule, choosing your staff or general tips to help you through your managerial career it will all be here on the site.

The site is particularly aimed at those who like a challenge (and maybe a bit mad like me) and are starting out with lower league teams such as in the Skrill Premier or Sky Bet League 1 & 2. I will also bring you all the help and advice you need if you are starting with a Sky Bet Championship or Premier League team or if you reach that level with a lower league team.

I will be looking for your input for the site too, so please if you have any suggestions for the site in general or any help and advice regarding the game, players and tactics etc or just to let me know of your achievements, don't hesitate to send a message by visiting the Contact Us page.

About Me

You might be asking yourself "Who's this giving us advice on playing Football Manager?" So here's a little bit about me:

I've been playing Football Manager and as it was previously know Championship Manager since about 1996 and I've always aimed to take lower league teams all the way to the Premier League without any cheating.

In an earlier version of the game I managed to take Rushden & Diamonds from the Conference (as the Blue Square Premier was then known) right up to the Premier League in consecutive seasons. It was a slightly easier task back then as Rushden did have some money, but now they don't and are relatively poor however iIve stuck with them for the past two seasons to challenge myself further.

In FM09 I managed to get Rushden to the premier league after 8 seasons.

In FM10 my Rushden team was promoted to the Coca Cola Championship after 5 seasons and is currently in its 2nd season of the league hoping to push for promotion to the Premier league.

In FM11 I won back to back promotions to the Npower Championship and after 4 Seasons I was promoted to the Premier League

In FM12 as Rushden & Diamonds were now obsolete I took up a new challenge with Luton as they had a decent stadium size & weren't in debt. I managed to win back to back promotions all the way to the Premier League applying all the information from this site, just scraping in via the play-offs! My Luton team finished 6th in their first season in the Premier League and won the League Cup, so I'll be pushing for Champions League football in the second season.

I'll keep you regularly updated on my current team status and achievements, players and news as well as all the tactics and players that helped me to get to where I am now.

Football Manager Mad.    

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